Internship-Engineering Intern

As an engineering intern, what will I be doing? Our engineering interns work on a wide variety of jobs using programs such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, MicroStation, and more. As their skills develop, interns will be challenged to further their abilities in both technical and non-technical areas. An intern with little to no technical experience may begin their time doing construction document red-line drafting and basic engineering calculations. As they progress they may expand to slightly more advanced topics in drainage and utility design, and Spatial Site planning. What if I don’t know or know very little about AutoCAD Civil 3D and the other programs? With the on-going emphasis on technology in civil engineering, all our interns, no matter their skill level, create a Civil Engineering Technology Growth Plan. At the beginning of your internship experience, we assess your current technical skills and create an executable plan specific to you and to expanding your knowledge in real-world situations of highly used programs.

o Highly used programs include the following:

• AutoCAD Civil 3D - Commercial Plans Production
• MicroStation Transportation Plans Production
• ICPR 4.0 Drainage Design
• Water CAD Utility Design
• Water GEMS Drainage Design
• PONDS Drainage Design
• Storm CAD Drainage Design
o Learn to develop and implement drainage spreadsheets.
• Use an example project to replicate drainage calculations and spot check equations against the drainage manuals.

What other training does the company provide? We do a couple of “Lunch-N-Learns” a month to expose our interns to the full life-cycle of a project and to teach more in-depth concepts such as drainage, new technologies in utility infrastructure, surveying, and planning.

We also introduce our interns to self-learning opportunities and programs where they can continue to develop their skills after their internship and throughout their careers.

Will I work on any teams?
Most of our projects are done with a collaborative team effort. KPM Franklin’s bottom-up management approach allows all team members to constructively contribute to every step of a project, from conception to completion. Our interns, as well as our new engineers, work side by-side with project managers and firm partners sharing ideas, learning, and providing high quality services to our clients.

Can I specialize in a particular area of Civil Engineering?
As we go through our interview process, we try to identify a career track or area of higher interest that you would like to explore in greater depth. We then pair you up with a mentor who is an expert in that area. Together with your mentor, you will come up with a list of technical and non-technical activities that will provide you with real-world knowledge of how to be successful in that specialty area.

Some of those activities could include:
Project Inventory Field Reviews
Attend Project Meetings
Prepare Meeting Minutes for Project Meetings
Attend Client Follow-up Meetings
Draft a Design Technical Memo
Attend Organizational Lunches

What opportunities are thereafter the internship?
Some of our interns will have opportunities to extend their internship, while others often chose to come back for a second or third internship exploring a different area of civil engineering. We also have opportunities for those returning to take on a more leadership role as a Senior Intern. And of course, our ultimate goal through our internship program is to find young talent to bring fresh and innovative ideas to KPM Franklin. As we identify those who are accomplished in their education as well as their work ethic, it is our hope that some will join our team upon graduation.

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